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Wanna buy a 2002 E46, please advise!

I drove this 2002 e46 last night here in London, and it seems in very good shape. It's auto, 160km, fully loaded 325i. It comes with new winters on BMW rims, and original rims in all season tires. 2nd owner.
It drove extremely nice, very clean in and out, absolutely no rust, bluish Greyish color. I could hear no bumps, or clicks, and it absolutely did not shake, or pull, and I drove it for good 30 minutes, brought it up to 150, no lights on the dashboard, no rips or scratches on the leather, xenons, and I have the receipts for some work, brakes all around, rear shocks, belts, left front wheel bearing, and alignment!

Is $7000 too much, etested? He was asking 8200, I offered 6500, and we worked it out to $7000 as is but etested. He said he's moving out of country, and I believe him cus his house is up for sale too.

Your thoughts, is this an ok price? Should I go for it!?

Thanks![IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

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