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Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Weird, I remember looking it up and finding it to be different. IIRC the vorschlag site says the Z4M is the one to get.
Went to the vorschlag site. I understand the reason not to put poly in this bushing. So there are actually 3 P/N for the bushing. 1) 33326770817 is listed on the z4M, e36 M3 and e46 M3 it has is a split casing and has a void in the rubber where the splits are. Then there is a HD M3 version 33322228153 which is not split and has a lip on one side no void in the rubber. Then there is 33326770786 which is for a non-M e36 split case, no void and the one shown on vorschlag site.

I have 2 questions:

The obvious one is which one of these is better? and they all have two protrusion on the face I presume they should be mounted a specific way. My guess is the protrusions should be mounted so that they are horizontal in the car to stop side to side torque. Bentley manual doesn't say anything about mounting direction.

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