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question about purchasing a 530i M

Hi, I am new here and was hoping for some advice about purchasing a 2003 E39 530i M. I test drove it and the car was in pretty nice condition. It had new brakes put in, the suspensions had been replaced with new ones. The one thing is that the person who owns it is a mechanic who works for BMW. The information he gave me was that he bought the car 2nd hand with the engine blown. He installed another engine (used) and a used transmission too. The car has a 150,000km on it but both the engine and the transmission have 80,000km. I have asked for a car report from the person, which I am waiting for. I am wondering if a blown engine or even replacing the engine like that is something that is extremely odd? Should I avoid this car? Also, maintenance wise, how often does a 8 year old BMW need maintenance?

This is the first time I have actually considered purchasing a BMW so there is a lot of things I don't know about. So, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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