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Originally Posted by Ant_e30 View Post
my hunt continues..i've found some very good condition 4x114.3 BBS RS 16x7 with 5" backspace (i calculate that to be around +25 offset?) locally and am considering buying them, having them redrilled and getting some new outer lips (look to have 1" lips currently). They're sitting around $410AU (about $400US) for the set but i would be able to go up to $500AU for them i guess.

the only issue is from the research i've done i'd look to widen them by adding larger outer lips, and my options seem to be to add 1.5" (for a 2.5" lip) which will yield 8.5" captive width with an offset of +6, or add 2" (for a 3" lip) which will yield 9" captive width with an offset of +/- 0.

I will have adjustable camber tops but I don't think the 9" +/- 0 will work up front so 8.5 +6 should be okay. But then the 9" +/- 0 up back will still be a squeeze and then may look out of proportion to the front. Really i do not want to run slip on spacers at all, only bolt-ons if anything...

Anyone have any thoughts? Jay? :]
+25 is correct, as are your widened offsets. I like the 8.5" front 9" rear idea, should work well (they will look almost dead-even front-rear). 205/45/16s are a good idea. No spacers needed.
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