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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Dunno if it will man. Our E36 has stock M3 mounts. Could be that maybe the stock system isn't as sensitive or something? Maybe MarkD could chime in on this.

I remember this one test day that we took a car to at Mosport, hooked up a standalone knock sensor system and mounted the gauge in the car to monitor what was going on. Because it had solid mounts, it would register that the car was knocking even OFF throttle. At first we thought the system was bad, or maybe the sensor shit the bed, but we hooked it up to my car, and it worked fine! *shrugs*
It'll be fine with solid mounts. The knock system shouldn't react to random knock noises. You can test your knock system by seeing if it's picking up the various knocks but the frequency of detonation is in a very narrow window and should be tuned for at the factory (it's very nicely related to the cylinder bore size), so the system should be able to do a very good job at filtering noise.
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