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It was a Suzuki Swift which is short and tall and this added to the possibility of a roll over, but the fact still remains that it is not a good mix.

All the best tires will not help you if your car can not keep its feet on the ground or the chasis is bouncing from one side to the other.

Prepare the car so it is stable and balanced. Put on Street tires and learn (feel) what the car is doing. You can not do that if you slap on R-comps right away.

But the point is ... SAFETY!!! Like I said, I have seen one car on its roof because of this and a few cars just about digging the rims into the pavement for the same reason.

sample of good suspension travel ...

look at some of the posted pictures in the 2010 Auto-x season for samples of bad suspension travel and sticky tires...

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