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Yeah exactly, if it was cheaper then maybe...

No actually, never heard of that before. Googled what you mean, thanks for the tip! I'm mainly repulsed by the slop in the console and the ball. The selector knuckle on my zf is pretty tight but I'll repack it anyway.

No, but I think it's finally winding down. I mainly hope the spending will stop soon but every time I compose a shopping cart for one thing or another, it's another anal rape. The 4 figure bills seem to have stopped though. I tell ya, I will never underestimate the price of those f***ing AN fittings. A dude who guided me through the standalone and turbo path, told me to prepare to pay through the nose. I looked at the prices - 5, 7 bucks a pop... what's the big deal? My fuel plumbing alone is like 350 bucks, fml. At this rate I'll be thrilled if it actually gets finished at some point, performance just being a secondary bonus lol. It's difficult to convince yourself that you're making progress when all you're doing is take stuff off the car - it's just a shell right now.
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