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Originally Posted by BigD View Post
True, not much in it either way, plus you already got a shifter knob you like, the AKG comes with a delrin one.

Do you have a dssr already? I'm torn about getting one. I don't really buy the gain from it and it's awful spendy. The shifter, sure, losing all those bushings. But the stock selector rod seems plenty stiff.
I'd also love a DSSR, whether it's UUC or AKG. I also agree. I'm sure it does remove some play, but nothing to write home about

Most of the play is just in the selector joint on the tranny. I'm sure you know about the little foam ball that's supposed to be inside to keep tension on the pin. That thing turns into dust after a few years. So I just pulled the joint off, packed it with foam and voila.

It would just be nice to have something nice a sturdy like that. But I think the stock rod is going to have to do for now. Can't justify spending $150 for one.

BTW, is your beast almost done?

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