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I have only posted dyno numbers once on fanatics and everyone said good numbers don't know what your talking about I'm sure I could did the post to... The owner of Hpf even said good numbers but he said there was either slot of load on the dyno or he did a 5th gear pull, I asked the dyno guy and he said he puts load on it as if it were driving on the street so you get more accurate numbers apparenty... Anyways within the first 2 weeks of pickin my car up all the small problems were fixed so don't tell me my afr or car run like crap and we don't have a problem...
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Oh wow, dont lose your patience, lol.

I dont have an S54 in my car, I installed it in my friends non-m.

Hows your reading comprehension? Was I talking about your car being faster then someone elses

I even remember when you posted that Dyno vid on the other board and everyone said you put down very low numbers at that session, even people who actually own an HPF M3 said that.

Forget it man. Like I said before, if it runs good now, I'm happy for you and glad its all worked out.
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