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2 months including the couple problems we had. You and other people must be retarded as my car runs amazing the afr is flat on 11.0 when at wot and the owner of tagracecraft himself says Hpf made this tune amazing for off the shelf kit the afrs were perfect and he's a tuner... This is before bimmercruise so please tell me how you can "hear" my afrs are to
Rich you can't hear the afrs you can see the smoke come out the exhaust lol... You have a s54 in your non-m or installed it into someone elses car? Anyways if your sure my car isn't running right find me a car and lets line em up buddy no point in being keyboard warriors let's take it to the roads
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I know exactly what is takes to swap an S54 into a non-M, done it myself.

Mo assumptions are made here.I saw your car in person at the bimmercruise and I was not the only one to say that it wasn't running well. Almost everyone who heard it run said it was way too rich . Like I said, if its all good now then I'm glad.

To me 2 months to install an S54 and HPF kit is outrageous, if it satisfies somebody else, I'm fine with it.

No jealousy here, I'm just stating what I know.
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