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Lol are you kidding me not running well? What wasn't running well? my afrs are perfect and the car makes insane power/full boost it should! Do you know how many parts/exspenivr it is to do a swap like this... It took me 3 months to get all the parts needed/month for hpf to send kit and less than 2 months install time... So around 5-6 months... I never asked them to rush...Ask mike from stancefactory he did all the work and he did it well so don't talk shit... S54 swap is done often but there was some minor modifications to fit the hpf kit.. I just want you to tell me what you think is wrong with my car If your so sure... Also by swap i meant hpf/s54, either way i dont even know you and your making these assumptions about my car? Do i smell jealousy?QUOTE=new member;1485694]If your car finally runs well, I'm glad for you because its about time.

First swap in teh world, lol.

Guys been swapping S54s in non-m all along and not much is needed to install an HPF kit, its so idiot proof that I can imagine anyone should be able to install it as it sells as a bolt on kit.

Simply because it took them soo long to finish the job and they needed to many tries to make it all work makes them look like they dont know what they're doing.

If you dare, share with the rest of the community how long it took to get the car running well, lol

I saw your car at bimmercruise, it didnt run well at all to say the least.[/quote]

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