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Who has an e46 facelift with Angel Eyes?

I'm interested in installing the Umnitza Orion V2 angel eyes on my car but since I have to bake them and they're dynamic I don't want to take the risk and have the car come out looking ricey and cheapened. Most especially I don't want the leds looking super blue... there's a guy at the UTM underground parking with a blue 325 facelift with solid blue (very blue) angel eyes and it looks horrible.

There are a lot of photos online but you can't really trust that the colour balance was set correctly and that my monitor is reproducing it accurately.

I want the car looking clean and classy, with a bit of sportiness to it...

So if you have these, may I please come take a look at them? I'm in the GTA.



This car has the same paint and body as mine, IMHO the blue light looks gay, but it could be WB and exposure.

But here it looks okay:

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