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Originally Posted by new member View Post
I never had any personal issues with that shop as I'm an idiot to take my car there.

There is no need for making a new thread when you can contribute to an existing thread.

Bashing business hah? If I was telling lies then yes, it'd be bashing. When I and other people tell the truth its called being honest and looking up for others.
My advice, since you never had bad experience post your positive feedback in their section as you have NO experience with my shop, and you are assuming other members are "easy to walk all over" when you clearly do not know them. I find this personally, quite childish and showing you have some sense of insecurity assuming a person's mentality who you have never met. Also talking about how Tom's car is not running - but that is not my issue to clear up as he can speak for his own experience.

As Michel is saying...what is on the internet, is not every single situation of the shop. He finds it really odd, that the customers of "0 negative feedback" shops bump our old threads to try and expose something? However, my customers do not dig up info that is all over non BMW forums about the "0 negative feedback" shop. On top of that positive feedback is attempted to turn into negative, instead of those with negative posting their own - if a person is content with what they got, posting in such a manner will not change their mind.

Bullet Ride,

From day 1 of working at Bimmersport 6 years ago - at our old shop coffee machines and a fridge full of cold drinks was fully and freely accessible. We have now the fridge inside the workshop due to space (sorry). I recently have switched our Free WiFi with Rogers Hi speed, to Bell Fiber as we have customers who choose to work out of our waiting room (which has always been an option in the last 4 years of being in this building upon request).


Clearly this thread may be locked as bumping a thread a year old, with no personal experience is similar to a form of harassment and defamination from a party with a mutual motive from a competitor as seen in the past. Threads that have disappeared have a lot more depth than what you read on your screen, the rest is beyond my jurisdiction to disclose. For example one attempt simply failed:

However, forum mods and admins can confirm I do not request for threads to be deleted just because I don't like or agree with the OP, in fact I don't mind for them to remain on here as for instances like these - it does not relate to my work practice and ethic which is current and is in relation to that under old management. Companies change from experiences, and that's what I try to show and have proven to our clients including some past clients with weary experiences (that are still clients now for the record).

To past customers with negative experiences that are not current,

I am very happy if you have found a home for your BMW, however as Bullet Ride states bumping threads about a year old is not logical and just in the overall picture, brings down the reputation of this board (the members is what makes the board). Also Considering that these situations are about old management which emphasized my statement furthermore.

For the record, if you feel that we would strip your car by the way we look, talk or act or our presence around us you clearly have a misconception of who we are as people (with families just like you). If someone told you we stripped it because of an unpaid bill, you believe thats the truth when I have 2 cars sitting with excess of $2500 bills on their cars and they're still in tact in fact right next to me. It really does not matter if we don't tell you the truth about another clients car, it is not of your concern. One person's mentality in the shop does not reflect the thoughts and ethics of those surrounding - in most cases (one being "new_member" here, his desperate attempts remind me of a history with other maxbimmer sign in names).

Either way, I will most likely be seeing you guys at the meets this year and for a community based locally there is no point of such tension when we are all basically neighbors with a common interest. I am not one to have tension, and hard feelings over the internet dispute. Until then, enjoy your BMWs in good health.

Best Regards,


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