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Originally Posted by Ant_e30 View Post
Not trying to be argumentative here (damn, first post, dont want to get on the wrong foot!) but i am a little confused in regard to why you so strongly say 16x8 +/-0 wheels are entirely inappropriate on E30s, and yet you will say to people that 16x9 +15 with 3-5mm spacer is okay. Using the Wheel Offset Calculator, the difference between 16x8 +/-0 and 16x9 +10 (effective w 5mm spacer) is actually +3mm further out for the 9" rim. But you do not tell people it won't fit?

I ask this because i've just bought myself an E30 and really want so aggressive wheel fitment. That said, I dislike the look where the front wheel is poking more than the rear. ideally i want maybe a 5mm-ish of rim poke on stretched tyres. I am looking at running coilovers all round (GC or KW probably) and have been eyeing off the likes of Kerscher Carmonas. I really do not want to run a 3-5mm Slip On, and i feel anything thicker will push the rim out too far. As such i am ( considering the 7.5 +20 up front with a 20-25mm spacer and then the 9" +15 up back. Sound reasonable?

Also when you say fitment up front, what type of camber are you allowing for? I assume aftermarket camber tops and maybe 2-3 degrees?

You have to consider where the center of the rim sits in relation to the fender. Let's make things equal. A 16x8 +0 wheel and a 16x9 +13 (just for argument's sake). The 16x9 setup will visually and physically fit better. Why? The tire is still centered at the +13 point. That fact will pull the tire more into the wheel well than a similarly stretched tire on the 16x8. It's not necessarily about where the wheel ends, but how the geometry delta affects the shape of the tire.

Your staggered setup sounds like a good choice. All of my fitment recommendations assume stock upper mounts unless the question mentioned adjustable mounts or I do in my reply.
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