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Lol? Not sure who you are but my car runs perfectly fine, if it wasnt running how would I have been at bimmercruise and also made 580 rwhp on my dyno pulls with pump/meth havent tried race gas as its crazy pricey... we had issues at first with the car not going past 4k but that was resolved as it was the HPF traction control tripping out as my car has ASC not DSC like m3s... Asoon as we removed that all was well... Also this is the first swap in the world and only HPF non-m3 so obviously theres going to be some kinks! Only other problem is my exhaust welds snapped as I have the HPF titanium exhaust and it welded with non ti metals and nothing sticks to ti unless its ti so I am getting custom ti exhaust hangers made by a shop that does ti work which was not easy to find!
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Lets hope you can get it to work this time, lol. Because clearly Tom's car aint working right still.
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