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Originally Posted by greekthang View Post
One of your complaints is because you didn’t have coffee made for you?? Are you serious!!! You want coffee and fancy doilies under your coffee cup and someone kissing your ass while your car is being repaired why not go to a BMW dealership??
This is the service industry, yeah servicing vehicles is what matters, but customer service is also important. It's the little things that count. If you know you will have customers waiting around for a good portion of the day from time to time it wouldn't take much to set-up a lounge area with a couch, TV, coffee machine, and magazines (all expenses that can probably be written off anyways). I went to Brafasco last week to buy some hardware for a project, after telling the guy all the bits and pieces I wanted he pointed me to a coffee machine where I could grab a cup while he went and got all my parts together. Do they have to do that? No, but I definitely appreciate the gesture and I am more likely to go back there because of it.

Originally Posted by cocacola bob View Post
I am a repair technician I know how the business of repairs works.
To be fair you probably should have started your own thread about your experience rather than coming in this thread and posting it.
I know this is besides the point, but next time just do the work yourself E30's are pretty easy to work on. The work you listed can easily be done casually during an afternoon on a weekend. If you lived closer I'd do the work for a case of beer
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