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General Module 3, additional observations

Here are my observations on the General Module 3.

A word of thanks goes to Scott of

The GM3 module operate differently to GM5 modules :

1. key remote locking and unlocking of all doors, firstly driver then the 3 remaining dooors of 5 series cars from approx 95 -2003.

2. also controls the unlocking of the trunk

3. display of the often faulty "trunklid open" error if not a broken wire in the bootlid is definitely a failure of the GM3 module.

4. control of all interior lights : dome light, center light, rear lights as well as the small orange leds next to them.

If the key intialization procedure does not work the fault is almost always the general module. Yes it can be the key ring that surrounds the ignition or the lock actuator but the prime suspect is the module.

It can also be the key . since I have also taken keys apart..the first thing to do is to check the battery inside the key for first charge the key by driving the car for several hours to be sure. The key is a rechargeable lithium ion from what i remeber and cutting of the key case requires carefull work with the exacto or you will cut out your flesh!!

Fact...the relays in the module can and do wear out! I am working on using modules from a 2005 e53 because of the use of solid state parts...Guess BMW realized there was a problem...????

The relays are made by Siemens / Tyco...If your module has Tyco relays it is a 2002 and up. Both have the same part number...there are 2 dirrent types.

Scott sells both on his site but you can buy them from a guy in Germany as well who can be found on ebay. To replace the relays requires a lot of skill with a low wattage soldering iron and not for beginners or you may completely toast the board in the module...Don't belive me? Go ahead and try it..

If you are buying a new module, Before a GM3 module can be replaced it must be recoded. I can code the modules for anyone interested and save you a shitload of cash that BMW would charge.

Often used modules will have one of the 5 relays malfunctioning. Boosting the car directly from the battery may cause some of the relays to pack it in...I am not a 100% sure but i am leading to believe this at least in some cases of immediate failure after boosting cars.

If anyone has an e53 GM3 to donate for testing I would greatly appreciate it. I would also appreciate the donation of non working GM3 or Gm4 /5 modules for testing as I believe from looking at them they may also work in our 5 series cars.

I will post some pics of the modules and my observations when possible.

Again donation of all types of modules is appreciated. Whoever needs a module recoded, i will do it in exchange for your malfunctioning module.

Lets re enginneer this crappy and constantly failing module.

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