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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
Those same suits laugh at me when I pull up in my E30 too. Once, one of the Otto's manager's told a young looking employee to "tell your run-around buddy to beat it" referring to me. The next time someone says something like that to me, I've promised myself I'm going to:

A) Tell him to sod off.
B) Point out that I don't have to dress like a monkey to go to work.
C) Point out that I drive a new BMW too.
D) Tell him to sod off.

I hate people who think they're king kong because they're in a 3 piece.
Ahaha! I find it funny that they would do that because your E30 is absolutely beautiful and I personally would rather drive that then a new E92. Suits are just an attitude. Actually I got to test drive a 2011 Porche Cayman S and my E30 even though it was busted and broke was way more fun then that car.

Should end up buying a Lotus Exige and pull up in it and say... SOD this one mother $#^@#$^%!! That's a true class car unlike these everyday E90s and such because I see one every 10 cars that I pass! Kinda puts the nostalgic that you get from owning one go down the drain unless you drive an older one or a //M class car.
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