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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
check out that series(ctcc)...people here talk smack civics but i just laugh cause it usually means they have no experience with them or else they wouldnt smack talk them.
they are great track cars(even fwd) and plenty of people race them.
When did I say that it's not a great track car? They are fairly cheap and reliable, and there is a large after market community for them which is why plenty of people race them. They are great cars, the old egs and ek9's are a blast to throw around on the track, especially when you swap a more potent motor into them! My point is that when you look at how the two cars in stock trim perform on the track, in general, the only civic that will beat out an E36 M3 is one of the newer JDM Type-R models. You might think that when they are both track prepped the outcome would be the same, however that is not always the case because there are lots of $$$ at play, some guys have upwards of $80k into their civic touring cars. No disrespect here
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