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In simpler terms I am looking to overhaul/recondition a handful of vehicles simultaneously back to factory new condition mechanically. I would like to start off with chassis that are already in like new condition aesthetically. For example we could choose the e36 platform for it's availability and affordability. The objective would be to end up with the e36 m3 euro spec derived from the m52 and the 6 speed getrag unit. That would be the finished product. From my experience with BMW, no custom fabrication would be required for fitment and mounting. Perhaps for prepping the block, but the machinist would perform the work. All e36 models from 318s to 328s are candidates with the 328s being ideal. Donors would be required for the gearboxes and final drives. Since no e36 in North America came equipped as such, this would increase the market value of the car as well as it's appeal.
This is just an example. If there is enough interest, I can generate some real numbers and specifics that we can discuss further. For this first limited production run, markup on parts as well as labour can be heavily discounted to maintain affordability and to ensure completion in a timely fashion.
BMW is a expensive, but high quality, and reliable. High re-sale values too. The process will be documented, photographed, and I will include a journal with specifications.
Sponsorships deals to cut costs can also be arranged. A show like finish can be achieved.
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