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The reason why I ask:

1. Obviously the spare tire will be covered

2. 16 Gallons sloshing back and forth, behind your rear axle. = surprise pendulum drifto (think winter too... will make things worse)

3. 100LBS extra in the trunk = motorboating = not so much 50/50 weigth distribution = more understeer.

4. Rear end collision = fireball. (see Ford Pinto) Big

5. Higher center of gravity = turn like poop.

6. Filler neck on the same side as the (hot) exhaust + drip while filling up = gas on the exhaust pipe = fire hazard.

Maybe I'm a little anal about this stuff, but thats what I was getting at, and to me, they're all valid points. If this car isn't already in your name (ie, safetied), you'll be in rough shape convincing a mechanic that your car is safe/legal. If you're doing all this engine work, at least reconsider putting a new oem/aftermarket gas tank where it ought to be. Even between the rear shock towers, I think you're making a mistake. Otherwise, like I said, nice job!

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