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seeking venture capitalists for limited production run

I am an INDEPENDENT broker, project manager, sales associate and service advisor/writer.

I an industry professional looking to kick-start a short term spring/summer pilot project with long term return potential. The goal of this project is to document the overhaul (limited production run) of multiple units of a chosen platform for future R&D. Setting up a core exchange program in the long term is also an objective. Assembling multiple units simultaneously in an assembly line like fashion will reduce cost and minimize downtime while maximizing returns.
I will be outsourcing certain aspects of this assignment to local established businesses who stand by their work. I have already contacted and formed relationships with these local contractors who are essential to the this process.
The estimated delivery date is less than 60-90 days from commencement, for this first, limited production run. All of the units will be hand built to factory OEM (or Competition) spec. Once the platform is chosen, I will have more specifics.

Other individual projects will be considered. I intend on running things at cost, with a focus on productivity, and efficiency.
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