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Originally Posted by daveed View Post
Yeah Al works at German Auto Sports, people have had some bad experiences with him but if you look hard enough you will find complaints about every shop. Still, they know old bmws really well and have a cheaper than average shop rate. To be honest they get the best reviews from the E30 crowd.

I've done all of my work myself so far, but I know eventually I'll probably have to go to a shop and I'd take it to GAS. Though, I'm considering getting the subframe bushings done at the dealer because they have specialty tools and it may actually work out to be cheaper.
Yeah, having read the thread, it sounds like his position at GAS is the best fit - in that he doesn't get to deal with the money.

I did my subframe and trailing arm bushings in my CEO's garage when I lived in Van (couldn't find anyone lower ranking in the company who had a garage with a door). It was my first time doing it and it was really pretty simple, took me the better part of a day but I was taking my time. It was priceless to watch the rich yuppies walking their purse dogs, past a dirty grease monkey burning out a bushing with a torch.
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