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A secret I wish I knew when I got my 95 M3 rack is that the fastest rack is actually the 2.8 z3 rack. There is a lot of misinformation out there but confirmed facts are that the 95 M3 rack is linear, 96+ M3 rack is 3.2 turns but progressive, so it's less sensitive oncenter but accelerates towards lock. The 2.8 z3 is 2.8 turns progressive. So it's best of both worlds, fast and progressive. I do like my 95 m3 rack but they cost too much due to the hype. While for the same reason, the z3 rack is cheaper. So if you can find one, grab it.

For the booster, the same booster came on the e32 735 (pretty sure e34 535 too). On that car it also came with the thick master cylinder that people call the "m5" master. So you get both, except e32 parts are worthless so you can get it for dirt.

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