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Gotta log in to read. I don't doubt it. He seemed cool in person, we just swapped diffs. The diff did end up blowing later on. I later asked him if he had another one I could BUY (not have for free, I was not blaming him, it's the name of the game with 20 year old parts). He didn't reply. I posted a thread asking if anyone had one I could buy because my diff grenaded, and looked like it was tampered with (in my mind, still not blaming the guy). And he replied calling me names, saying I need to stop bitching about used parts, and how the diff was perfect when he had it...

Now, that makes him a douche bag but he still seemed to be a good mechanic with good rates so I would have still recommended him (like a shop in the GTA that I know...). But maybe that thread proves that wrong too...

EDIT: remembered my old login on that site and read the thread... ouch

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