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Question E39 seats replaced caused airbag light on and heater not working .... HELP!!!

Ok, so I replaced yesterday seats on my e39 with basically the same one I had but in mint shape, so I have one small yellow conector under passenger side which doesn't connect to a new seat as there is no plug for it, I was wondering what is it for if someone know?
But the main issue is that my heated seats not working , u press the heated seat button it lights on and after automatically shuts off in few seconds, on both sides ...????
Also my airbag light stays on all the time now...
So swap ended up bringing not much happy feeling as was excpected ...
Fellows please help , any ideas ? I assume that's some eletronical issue... Ecu doesn't recognize new seats .... Is there some important sensor in seat maybe I need to take of my old seats and install on new ones....
I dunno.... (((((((((((
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