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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
I appreciate your input Mark but The Trillium school does not cost nor should cost that much if you're careful.

Cost of the TWO day school is $499 tax incl.

Two tanks of gas including getting there and home from Toronto, $140.00

Tech inspection is Free for the 1st 10 registrants at Bavarian. (which last year No one took advantage of, i know Steve told me personally even thought it was advertised on the Trillium Website.

Mosport is less than an hour away from Toronto so I don't see why you wouldn't drive home and back, but if you do want to stay locally the Admiral Inn in Lindsay which is only 15 mins north of the track is $69.00/night and is a nice clean place.

As long as you're not an animal, wear and tear on the car is negligible.

Total $640 for TWO DAYs Unlike the F2000 which is a total of 50 minutes car time in one day for $499.00!

Great experience but I have over a half dozen friends that have taken it over the years and all say the samething, it was a fun experience but they didn't feel the value was there.

I think the main thing would be, you're beating the shit out of a car that isn't yours haha. And plus, it's an open wheeled car! I think F2000 is if you want an experience, and Trillium is if you want to learn to drive your car to the limits.
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