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Originally Posted by Chris916 View Post
Thanks man!
Ya we met at the first meet. too bad you couldnt make it to the second one. Was a blast! Will you be coming out to some autoX/Lapping events this year?

BigD: could i do zf tranny with e36 325i driveshaft and stock e30 diff? Would it all bolt up?
Oh ok, nevermind, I remember you now ! ahaha..

I hope to check out some events. It would be fun to just jump into a car and ride shotgun to check it out. I don't have my BMW anymore but hopefully since I'm starting a new Security job that I can make some funds so next year I can pick up another E30 That's my goal but who knows!

Psst* 2005 Lotus Exige = 28k
I would really love to have my dream car!
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