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Originally Posted by Chris916 View Post
BigD: could i do zf tranny with e36 325i driveshaft and stock e30 diff? Would it all bolt up?
Unfortunately no, it's too long (due to the smaller Getrag used by the 325) and I'm pretty sure it uses a smaller guibo. Find a 328/M3 driveshaft with the ZF. EDIT: make sure it's the 4 bolt one. I've never actually seen one, but some cars came with a 6 bolt diff which used a 6 bolt CV joint on the end of the driveshaft. If the driveshaft has 4 bolts on the end, it's the right kind and everything will bolt up like OEM once you put on the center bearing correct for your chassis (make sure you get the right one, early and late E30 bearings don't interchange).

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