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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
Steve haven't heard anything in a while did you get it running yet?
Huh? Did you miss the first post? lol, since then I took the harness back off, pulled the turbo and exhaust manifold and a bunch more. I revised the harness to include working temp gauge, oil pressure light, and made an amplifier circuit to boost the nissan tach signal from 5v to 12v for the e30 cluster. I ordered a new exhaust manifold, turbo elbow, coil cover, intercooler piping clamps, couplars, and an electric fan.

The parts finally came wednesday and I have since put the new manifold on, stock turbo to the manifold, new turbo elbow on, custom downpipe on, cut holes for the intercooler piping, installed the rad fan and made some hoses for the rad etc. Right now I'm waiting on a brake booster as the e30 one won't fit, which means reflaring/ bending brake lines to mate to the nissan master cylinder and a hole bunch of other nonesense that isnt fun. Also in the process of making intercooler brackets, finally making motor mounts (was waiting on a welder to borrow) and getting all the small things sorted. If all goes well I'll be driving it to work on tuesday so I can do my exhaust on my hoist instead of laying on the floor, going to be fun driving it with only the downpipe dumping under the shifter area of the car. But as of right now the motor is in running shape again, as the revised harness is back in (still some tidying to do, but not gunna make it perfect in case I need to tear it out should any problems appear). It's a load of work, but I'm really hoping to have it drivable by tuesday. Some buddies coming over today, if all goes well pics tonight.

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Well, I haven't posted my car in ages, some of you may remember me talking about an engine swap I wanted to do this winter. Well I've made some head way, here's a link to the build thread on Stanceworks.

And for those too lazy to go through my thread, the first start video from yesterday, lots of work left, but it feels like its downhill from here.


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