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I tried him out last week too. I am no stranger to private shops, performance shops, I've even helped a couple with their business models and financial plans. I am still very new to BMW's, so I wanted someone that has enough experience with the products.

My 06 325i had the head ticking noise which sounded like certain death. I posted a thread about it and knew from what I posted that only a true tech would be able to comment. Rocco PM'd me and we went back and forth a couple times.

I finally decided, all I can do is give them a I did and they delivered.

I worked out a way to leave my car and pick it up without hassles and on my schedule.

He did an oil flush, treatment and additive and the tick is gone! He also did other regular service at half the prices of the stealership. I still do as much as I can myself, but it's nice to know if something has me stumped, I have somewhere to go without getting raped by the stealership. He charges honest shop prices even when parts are so expensive, he is able to keep the bill within reason.

Kudos to RMP. I hope he can keep that personal touch as he grows, many shops have to start hiring people and the quality goes down hill.

Sorry to jack your thread.
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