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I am not an instructor and have to budget for events. Also, I don't have the seat time that allot of guys have. If money was no object and I would not ask.

Given that money is a factor I like to know the layout. Case in point, I was out with PCA at Mid Ohio for 3 days. Friday was fine, about 3 hrs of driving and pass anywhere. Sat and Sun they run 4 groups + instructors, this cuts track time and I had no idea they do this cause I did not ask how they run their event. If I knew, I would only take the Friday - drive from Windsor and leave back saving cash on the hotel, etc.

Early Mid Ohio Fridays with Northern BMW are sometimes 45 minute sessions, total 3.5hrs for 175USD which is great value.

GVC at Mosport was awesome - almost unlimited track time but it was mid week so obviously cheaper to rent then weekends.

So everyone has their own way of running their events.

Overall I think nothing beats the Mosport Kart Club arrive and drive program. 10 events for around 1000$. I think each event is 1 qually and 2 heats.
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