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Here are the latest pictures.
Front is more or less done. All that remains is to weld the cabrio reinforcements but we will do this once the car is on the ground to ensure optimum alignment. Do you guys think i should do it prior to that?

The driver side is 95% done too with the rear quarter panel and arch mounted.
Now working on the passenger side removing rust spots and prepping the area.
We have decided to paint the underside too instead of recovering in the original material. We think this will look nicer and will also make it easier to spot trouble areas in the future. Keep in mind that the car will most likely never see rain again.
Also the footwell rust on both sides have been repaired. You can see on a box part of the corroded metal we have removed.
Also in the pics you can see why i had to replace the wheel arches. It was more like cheese than metal with all the rust.
Once the passenger side is complete the rear panel (where the lights mount will be going on and then the roof. I estimate 3-4 weeks by the time all this are completed.
Then we can paint and start making it into a rolling chassis so that we can move it to our garage and start re-assembly.
Hopefully once the car is done this will be the most complete renovation of an E30 M3. So far no expense has been spared and i can tell you by the time its a rolling chassis the cost will be the same as if i had bought a very low mileage SE.
I am going to South Africa for a few weeks so i wont be able to update for a while.
Hopefully if time allows it i will be getting some special parts only available there!


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