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I purchased some parts yesterday and I am just waiting to be delivered.

An ICV to fix the idle problem. My interior driver side door handle is just barely on and I know it will snap off at some point so I got a new one. I also ordered a few blank keys since my key is broken to the point that it is only the metal part with nothing attached to it.

I had a few questions that maybe someone has an answer to. I tried to search but couldn't come up with anything.

What is a good price for a set of iX flares and skirts? Assuming it is in good shape and wouldn't need any repairs aside from paint. There aren't too many for sale for price comparison.

I was thinking about putting iX basketweaves on my E30 but I was wondering if there are any positives/negatives to using these as opposed to euroweaves (15" ET24)? Aside from the extra work and having to buy spacers and longer bolts will there be any differences in the handling, appearance, ride quality, etc?
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