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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
Re-read my original post,
you understand that I am aware of the cost to power ratio vs a BMW engine.

With me? Good.

I am not arguing with him, I am merely trying to understand this "trend? Phenomenon? W/e you call It".

I bought a BMW because, well I like BMW's, I like the engine, the performance, the appearence, the feel, the interior, the driving response, I like the overall experience/car that is BMW. I was also aware of the costs associated with a BMW, the limitations, the fact that modding them is more expensive, etc.

So, my question is, if dirt cheap power and reliability is what you are chasing, then why look at a BMW?
RWD domestics and Jap cars are a dime a dozen.

Bastardizing a good condition e30 (far and few of those), is just nonsense to me. "It's cheap so who cares" is a terrible mentality to have IMO.

Maybe I am too old... I dunno.
I have a few reasons for the swap.

First of all, my car started as a pretty ugly faded automatic 325is, i swapped to 5 speed, and in december toasted the motor. So reason for putting a motor in altogether is right there.

Agreed swapping motors, wether bmw or non-bmw motor into a nice shell is stupid, modding a clean car is more or less a waste. However my car is not by any means a shell worth saving, it's just a decent shell that will last a while.

I bought this car, I think my 6th or 7th e30? Simply because I love the chassis, I'm very familiar with them, I like the driving feel, the styling, and just about everything about them, and the m20 is a great motor.

The reason for the swap is in its most obviousness power gains, but beyond that more oil pan clearance then any bmw swap I'm familiar with. The aftermarket tuning available for the motor is insane, I ordered a tubular stainless equal length runner exhaust manifold for 225.00 dollars canadian shipped to my door. Ever heard of anything like that for a bmw being that cheap? Especially something well known with decent warranty.

I can't say I have ever owned anything not european either, I've never owned a 240 or an fc or anything of that nature, I love bmw, and more then likely always will (atleast anything e36 and older)

So I put in a jap motor, thats cheap to mod, gets me oil pan clearance, and high hp reliablility. I still get my nice handling e30 with the motor farther back, less weight from the motor, still have my interior, looks, styling and all that good stuff.

Another big reason for the swap, is mearly the challenge. I'm really enjoying pushing myself to understand and figure out things you would almost never come across fixing regular cars. I'm currently building an amplifier circuit to boost the 5v nissan tach signal to the 12v signal the e30 tach wants to see to work. I find that fun in a way, and challenging too. The swap is definitely something I'm doing to say I did it, my own father told me I was a dumbass to try this and that I'd never get it running. Well I'm proud to say it fired up first try on saturday with the harness I made that's using stock e30 main relay and fuel pump relay to turn on the coils, injectors, fuel pump etc. You don't really get that challenge just putting the same or a similar motor back in.

Personally I don't think these are bad reasons, but hey, sure to piss someone off putting a nissan motor in god's chariot
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