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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
Dude, I just bought a vert in Oct for a grand; I'm now up to about 5000.00 incl price of car. At least I got a hard top with it. So, you won't be needing to drop that kinda money but be prepared to spend a couple grand to get it real purdie! lol
I don't think I will be spending that kind of money, but I know with these cars it always ends up costing more then planned.

So far from what I noticed there are a lot of little things that should have been fixed already but were neglected. Little things that don't affect the way the car runs but they still need to be fixed nevertheless.

The main thing I am concerned with right now is an oil leak I just found out about that is pretty bad and getting an ICV and a proper intake boot... Did I mention the car came with an intake boot from an automatic that has an extra hole for an additional vacuum hose? No wonder I couldn't get the car to idle with the engine only getting half the air it needed.

Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Check all the usual rust spots and poke around with a screwdriver to find any surprise holes that may or may not break it for you. Top corners of the inner front fender wells, bottom of the a pillar aka jack point, above the exhaust heat shield on the passenger floor, usual rear battery tray/valance, every inch of both side rear fender wells....

BTW I looked today for sunroof bits, all I have left is the top crank winding mechanism. No cables or rails or anything. Not sure if thats going to help you. Let me know.
I am going to work on the interior this week and hopefully get it on jack stands on the weekend. I need to get winter tires on it, check out the oil leak, and try to fix the emergency brake. At that time I can do a more thorough check for rust.

I hope I have time to remove the headliner tomorrow. I am sure the sunroof cable is disconnected I just don't know if it popped out or broke free. Thanks for looking and I will let you know as soon as I do.

Originally Posted by Denny View Post
Welcome to the journey of your life and deep

Check my blog out... I got lucky with my second E30....hope yours doesn't look like "rusty" my first one..

Wish you good luck happy to see another one being saved
I have checked out your blog and I was really wondering how you were going to save that car from all of that rust! I wasn't surprised when you got rid of it. I know I would have.

Originally Posted by e30_kid89 View Post
Cool acquisition. what inital plans do you have for it?
Initial plans are to fix the little things and catch up on lapsed maintenance. Overall the car was maintained pretty well. I am going to drive it through Winter and hopefully work out the kinks by Spring. Then I can start to have fun.
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