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Originally Posted by daveyto View Post
The fact of the matter is that any competent mechanic should be able to fix your BMW...Don't kid yourself they are really not that complicated .
While I agree BMWs are nothing special and anyone can work on them.

What I think you are skipping over is that someone with more experience with BMWs will be able to diagnose a problem faster and more accurately, possibly saving you money, so why not use one of the site sponsors?

Another reason is that general mechanics may be working on your BMW doing the repair for the first time. For things other than maintenance items, doing it the first time most likely takes longer. For example, rear wheels bearings, RTAB, CAB, control arms, suspension bushings, etc.

The advantage to the customer is that the shop can charge less than 'book rate' for a job if they know they can finish it quicker. For example, Stancefactory did the clutch on my m3, normal by the book labor rate is probably 5-7hrs on that type of job. Mike can probably do a clutch with his hands tied behind his back in less time than that, therefore they are able to charge less than the book rate, which you'd probably pay at other shops, especially if they haven't done the job before and won't be able to get it done faster than the book rate.
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