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Originally Posted by Dado 540 View Post
Thanks for the comments fellas. Yea clogged cat would trigger any cylinder so must be injector.

Right now I'm I'm going with the injector cleaner route.
So far I put one bottle of Lucas injector cleaner into the tank and we'll see how it goes.
I havent tried pushing the car hard. Maybe after the second bottle of cleaner I'll give it a rip.
Dado, the cheapest best way to clean the injector is to remove it and back flush it with carb cleaner, the second way is to take it to a shop that will disconnect the fuel supply and hook up a containter with a mixture of cleaner and gas to clean the fuel rail as well as all the injectors.

I know a place in Markham but none out west but I'm sure there are quite a few that will perform that service.
'99 E39 540iT
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