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Originally Posted by Slowered318 View Post
Hmmm... well if it's 300 lbs of luxury features then maybe there is some hope. Just really hard to rip/swap out parts that you paid a lot of money for, like 10-way adjustable power sport seats and power moon roofs. They should be able to get the weight and price down considerably or at least use composite materials.
Well it is around the same weight as an e36 m3. I'm sure with some weight loss it can be brought down a few hundred pounds, but the target market for most of the new BMWs aren't people that are concerned about weight as much as safety and features, therefore i doubt BMW will build a cheaper/lighter 1M coupe.

If they ever do it, it will most likely be a limited production CSL/GTS/LTW/watever and we all know that will cost more.
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