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Cool New Carbon Wrapping Project: Mercedes C63 AMG


Was just given the complete trim interior trim from a buddies C63 AMG. Wants it done in black carbon fiber cloth (no 3M DiNoc here).

So far, have applied carbon fiber cloth and first coat of resin. Parts in pictures below are at VERY early stage and still require trimming and alot of work before they are complete, but they're in process.

The one really cool thing I've tried and it's worked so far, is wrapping the 3 centre dash pieces (center air vents, radio surround, etc) is wrapping all 3 pieces using a single piece of cloth, so when they are complete, there will be one continuous weave through all 3 pieces....

Here are the first pictures (alomg with a couple of the interior before the process began.

Centre console wrapped as one piece.

Separated (still need to cut-out all the holes for the dials, etc):

Cup Holder:


Shifter Surround + heater controls:

Door Trim:

Seat controls:

Still need to tackle the gauge surround (big black piece around speedo, tach, etc gauges) and he's pushing to get Steptronic paddles done too, but concerned about operational interference and functionality if its wrapped.

The pictures REALLY don't do the parts justice as they look really rough now, But I expect them to look real sweet when done (especially the centre control centre)
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