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haha, close

i have been using minidisc since late 90's

i am using minidisc sony xplod deck in my golf now, i have 1 more in case as a backup, ( on my 4th deck now )

i have 3 home component stereo minidisc player/recorders

at home, trying to make use out of them lol

i have couple of portable players as well

yes i am a bit minidisc crazy

minidisc would have been more popular if sony didnt charge so much royalty for every other brand to make minidisc players or media,

they were doing this with beta video as well

being propriatery is a sony thing now days

they are trying to run the media ondustry, getting out of hand if you ask me,

think about it, they are trying to dominate the electronics market with bluray now that they won the blue laser technology over toshiba i believe

they already own music and movie industry, i have been reading some interesting articles where music artists were complaining that they dont get paid royalty fees for sony using their music in movies because sony claims they own the rights to it

i hate sony for that, they actually dont make electronics all that good, there are better brands out there

but i liked idea of minidisc too much to pass it up and move on with the fab ( today, flash media)
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