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Another long overdue update:

Got any trace of rust around the rear spring mounts cleaned and added a fresh coat of POR15 so the car is approximately 99.99% rust free. I wont claim 100% because who knows.

I also managed to get the rear subframe and trailing arms put back together and back on the car, however it is still up on my lift. The brakes are back on and all lines are connected, so I'm hoping it's back on the ground this weekend. The rear UUC sway bar is on and just have to set up the links.

One problem I encountered when pushing out the bushings for the trailing arms was the I bent the left rear one slightly, however I picked up a mint pair but decided to fix and reinforce the ones on the car, so I weld on some plates to stiffen them and a horizontal support. However in doing so it binds on my fuel fill hose, so I'm gong to have to cut the horizontal support off of the Right Rear. Not a biggie.

I can't wait to have it back on the ground.
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