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I'd like to make friends with an e30 whiz

I have... ok well the name says it all. Its a 1990. I have to put a tranny in this car in the spring... the auto in it is done.
Don't get me wrong, I like reading forum posts and things like that, but I'd rather get to know somebody real who has done the swap from auto to manual in an e30. My automotive experience is... well I work as a mechanic, for about 7 years now. Can't say i've done much in the way of anything custom you know? So i'd like to use email to get some info together on my best course of action.

Performance wise (anyone can chime in here i guess), is it worth it for me to put a mantrans in it? I dont really plan on doing anything to the 2.5, I can only imagine that the auto would be a bit of a dog and worse for economy.
Thanks a lot guys

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