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How are the e83s?


Thinking of picking up one of these cuties for the ladyfriend. Would be a nice compliment to an e90.

I know Jeremy Clarkson hated it, but things like locking diff and low range gearbox don't mean anything to me as this would be a 90% on-road and 10% deep snow/backcountry car. Besides, who expects a car to do well in the mud with summer tires? -_-

I'm looking for opinions on these. How do they hold up with high mileage? 150-200k+? We would likely put a lot of km on them, and keep it at least 5-10years .

Maintenace? I'm used to my Honda, no maintenace other than fluid changes. What are expected problems with them? Expensive parts? Rust?

Are the 2007+ LCI a much better car? I hate driving taller cars, I get the feeling they will tip over. How does this lil guy do?

Is there a place to see what are options on these cars?

I would prefer one with:
-16" wheels (cheaper tires)
-leatherette (durability)
-6speed (heard the autos have issues?)
-projector HIDs
-heated seats
-USB/MP3, bluetooth

Any insight would be appreciated.
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