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Wink 2003 325i Fuses help please!

Hey guys,

So i got a 2003 325i 4 door last week, absolutely love the car but I'm just having some problems, this is my first car so i don't really know much about it and would really appreciate some help,

-So basically-
The drivers heated seats,
Passenger heated seats

Buttons ALL don't work, all of these buttons are on the same column(all right beside each other)

I checked the fuse box and it didn't come with a little guide so that didn't help. i looked online and the one's people said to check all looked perfectly fine, When i turn the car on(key in second position) the DSC light and some other lights DO NOT turn on, hopefully that's not to big of a problem

The Cigarette lighter is also not working anymore thanks to my friend placing a little piece of metal in there and then pushing the lighter on top, resulting in loads of sparks, i turned off the car waited for 5-10 seconds then tried removing it with a little wooden stick which seemed to work at the time but now the cigarette lighter is not functioning at all ! so I'm assuming the fuse has blown, or at least hoping it was nothing else. (I can upload some photos when i find my camera if anyone needs)

Since i don't really know much i would love to know what you guys have to say, and maybe some tips on how i can fix it. It's pretty cold outside so i would love to fix the heated seats ASAP!

p.s - when i fix the DSC should i keep it on or off?
and the shift knob rotates 360 degree's so i need a new one if you know of any nice ones for a descent price!

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