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Help with winter tire

I installed a set of Dunlop winter sports 3D a few months back and after the snow from the past two weeks I'm quite disappointed.
This is my third set of Dunlop snow tires and always been happy so was a bit suprised by why this set doesn't work as good as the ones before.
Checked and noticed something today.
The front and rear on the passager side were installed incorrectly...
The tires are installed in-side out.
I was checking the date of the tires then noticed the DOT that shows the date is not there. Then I find out because it is the inside (the side that supposed to be facing the car) of the tires that's facing me...
Is this the reason why the performance is not good? I've driven with this condition for around 2000KM, is it going to cause uneven wear to the tires?
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