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Why don't you go ahead and scan my bills (matter of fact scan EVERY bill ive had with you guys to date) and we can go over what was billed for and what wasn't there - I was wrong on the hood suction cup but I am 100% sure that there was parts billed for that was never installed in my car (such as the $1295 trailing arm which im stuck with and that Charlie PROMISED to sell whenever someone came in with a banged up rear end ).

Looks can be deceiving - I could clean the engine with WD-40 as well and make it look stock and clean. It's amazing becuase you and Charlie did not even look under the car before it left the shop or else you would of noticed the tie straps and also my my lovely 6 piece exhaust system which you charged me another $350 for (didn't show up on my bill but said to pay cash as it wasn't done in house). Or if you actually TEST drove the car you would of heard the grinding diff. So not only that you did NOT perform the tasks which i asked you to do before doing my swap ( checking over all the parts and making sure they are working) you did not even take the time to test drive the car to make sure its good. You let the car go with a CEL, grinding diff, tie strapped oil cooler and god knows what of an exhaust.

Yes i did say $14K-$16K but if you attended your UofT classes you would of READ that the $20K is also including the REAR end job which you did a few months before the engine swap. So lets see, ~14-~16 + ~5-~6 = ~$20K. I love how you are trying to make me look like the bad guy here when in reality, you are just trying to offset your mistakes (which you admitted to since you considered cutting me a compensation bonus) onto other problems and blame everything on the customer. Why don't you go into the feedback section and sort the threads by most view. Then have a read and see what the negative feedback's are addressing. THEY ARE ALL addressing the same issue which you guys will never fix and that is customer service and quality assurance. Even if i don't win in court, i will continue to inform every single forum that there is about your business which to me is even more important than winning in court. Also with the amount of people i have sending me PM's about you, i can start a class action lawsuit and have each person file a BBB complaint from non-licensed mechs working on our cars to used parts being sold as new to parts being billed and not installed and I can go on forever.

As for the accident? i had someone back up to me and hit my bumper in SEPTEMBER when you FIRST visited my house which you forgot becuase you were under.................i thought so.

how are you trying to blame this on the oil cooler incident? did you sit down and come up with a story that i hit a curb? Ruined bumper? do you mean how the paint got scuffed off? LOOL!!! wow Jon just wooow. Is this your way of trying to show everyone how you take care of business? unsatisfied customers? Here are pictures of the accident in September and the oil cooler accident in December:

September accident with mini-van:

December accident:

edit: i LOVE how i " COMPLETELY RUINED" the original bumper yet i didn't even manage to break off my CF lip???? LOL.

Good luck with the shop and your career!

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