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Originally Posted by kevin325 View Post
I am also adding the rear end swap which was done a few months back to that 20K bill. How do you go charging someone for a $1200 part only to find out its was the wrong part and cannot be returned or used in my swap? Is that my fault that you guys ordered the wrong part and didn't do your research? Why am I the one paying for YOUR mistakes? If the "Master Tech" did his job correctly, he would know that a 325 control arm is not going to fit the M3 rear.

The parts were purchased off of Bimmersport Auotmotived EMPLOYEES - the parts were even stored at a BS employees house and you're telling me you guys are not responsible one bit for the parts being broken? I asked to have the parts FULLY inspected. You guys didn't even do a leak down test or a compression test on the motor (didn't even dyno the car before giving it back to me to make sure all is well). I mean if you are going to charge me by the book, and if you are going to charge me dealer prices then AT LEAST i expect you to go above and beyond and perform all of these tasks. Non of these tasks were carried out which is WHY i feel ripped off.

You are also not factoring all the money I had to spend to fix all your mistakes and even though I gave you guys a VERY reasonable offer, you still declined it. I had to spend money to buy a new oil cooler, buy a new diff, pay for labor to install the diff, pay for oil change on the diff. pay labor to install oil cooler. buy new exhaust pipes, pay labor to install exhaust. buy a DTML pump (CEL), fix all the wiring, pay labor for DTML pump install etc.

I never denied you offering me a financed S/C, free install and free tune load - Like i even said to you on the phone and at my house, i appreciate the offer and all the help and personal time that you invested in this - but I just wanted compensation for my time and my money. A S/C and a free load up tune and financing is not going to help me fix the previous mistakes. What if i was eying a brand new E92 M3 - would you of helped me finance that too at 0%? If so then I'm game! I just want you to see that the offer which you were giving me was not benefiting me at the moment, that's all.
First of all Kevin I never said you denied me offering anything, I know you said you appreciate it all - but was it ever mentioned here? It was clearly left out how my "personal time" was me asking you to bring ti back so you do not have to spend money fixing it. You told me on the phone the P/N 13-71-7-830-100 suction hood was "never even there" and was billed for it - it clearly is on the pics you posted on fanatics, and in our BBQ pics and for everyone to see. The same one, with the same Bimmersport Sticker.

This engine bay looks damn clean and OEM looking to me:

(was there anything wrong with the way we mounted the washer tank as well according to your mechanic?, what wiring was all over the place? The resistors in the trunk to your tail lights? )

Like I said, we are not paying you for a diff or replacement when our employee who sold it to you offered the replacement, and would put it in for you - even our shop would put it in for you, as we are aware there is a 90day/5000km warranty on labour even by law? I don't think YOU were aware of that..but just because you aren't aware doesn't mean we wouldn't do it out of good will, regardless of that law. If you didn't think that would happen, why would I bother to store the parts in my garage (making my single car garage useless) for no reason...I'd do that, but not swap in a diff that takes an hour? \

I'm a bit confused of your calculation...on here it is +20k? When on fanatics your original cost was ~14-16k? ..Let alone what I can see and know for myself.

Also, you are factoring expenses to fix the problems...when you declined my invitation before you went and fixed it and we will fix it all OBVIOUSLY and does not need to be said, at N/C?

You also had a front end accident, where the bumper was completely ruined? I believe that happened when I visited your house for the first time, again regarding this manner. How do we know nothing of the oil cooler, or the fashion it's mounted in was affected? ON top of it, an ORIGINAL bumper would not break the way yours does without severe impact. The material, and design of the bumper SKIN you have could also affect the damage your vehicle sustained. None the less, no damage is severe as you driving the car, with the red oil light on (which is really why your engine is toast, not the oil cooler braking). It is the neglect to stop the engine running, and transport the vehicle as it should when it is leaking a fluid. If you leak coolant, or engine oil and still drive the car (especially with warning lights on!) you are solely responsible for your own problem and its consequences.

We declined your request, because if you complied with our offers from the beginning none of this would have happened. Just to make this clear, the offer I am mentioning is to bring it back and fix the issues you had addressed from a third party in 12/09 (which I might add, were never addressed regardless of shop - and that is why the fashion in which the oil cooler is mounted was still apparent last month which is 1 whole year from the time you got it inspected by AE, as per your feedback).

About the rear end....remember, you brought the car to us HIT on the right rear corner. You smacked a curb so hard your shock was bent. We already replaced the trailing arm, wheel bearing and bushing on the other side...we were in the midst of replacing everything, when we said HEY we have your M3 rear end at home..we might as well put it instead of again replacing the trailing arm we will swap out in the near future. You drove with the rear end and tranny BEFORE we did the S54 swap itself. So if you accepted us ordering the parts, and we offered that to you after who's stuck with everything if you accepted BOTH repairs?? About recommending to do what, we know you on a personal level - discussions of family and financial problems were apparent in our PERSONAL conversations hence the reason why maybe we did not recommend it to you (due to additional costs). Aside from that, we didn't order it while doing the rear end and go "oh shit its the wrong one" as your story portrays. I do not understand though, why we would order the trailing arm for your swap...when our employee sold you the M3 trailing arms? Which is why we ordered M3 rotors when doing the conversion.

Did you mention any of that publicly? I do not see it anywhere, if you did..forgive my mistake. You stated (as I put in bold) all the personal time I have put into this - then what was the personal time I spent offering/doing for you? The dinners were fun, so was coming to your home but we both said - when it comes to business we are talking business which is exactly what was going on. Thanks for clearing that up, as some people on here have it that we did not make any attempt and denied YOU requesting to bring your car back. This is like a political campaign, when a picture is painted of the innocent public (you) and the mean, menacing Bimmersport.

If you actually get the M3, we'll finance you if you sign all the paper work and get it installed here but we are not offering free labour for the E92 M3 or financing to be installed elsewhere.

Lastly where is the whole "BMW Master tech" or "Master tech" name coming from, because for the 13 years I've known Charlie employee or not I have never heard him claim that. From what people tell me (not from you) is that they are informed of such claims, but then again...the information is coming from the same person saying he bought his license. Just because the owner of the shop is "xxxx" does not mean they are the master tech, or anything unless personally stated.

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