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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
~20k when your invoices total ~10k. You are adding your personal expenses and showing a total of your project..not total at Bimmersport Automotive for this S54 swap. Since your whole driveline was purchased privately and not through us, why do you keep bringing that aspect of your issue into your comments
I am also adding the rear end swap which was done a few months back to that 20K bill. How do you go charging someone for a $1200 part only to find out its was the wrong part and cannot be returned or used in my swap? Is that my fault that you guys ordered the wrong part and didn't do your research? Why am I the one paying for YOUR mistakes? If the "Master Tech" did his job correctly, he would know that a 325 control arm is not going to fit the M3 rear.

The parts were purchased off of Bimmersport Auotmotived EMPLOYEES - the parts were even stored at a BS employees house and you're telling me you guys are not responsible one bit for the parts being broken? I asked to have the parts FULLY inspected. You guys didn't even do a leak down test or a compression test on the motor (didn't even dyno the car before giving it back to me to make sure all is well). I mean if you are going to charge me by the book, and if you are going to charge me dealer prices then AT LEAST i expect you to go above and beyond and perform all of these tasks. Non of these tasks were carried out which is WHY i feel ripped off.

You are also not factoring all the money I had to spend to fix all your mistakes and even though I gave you guys a VERY reasonable offer, you still declined it. I had to spend money to buy a new oil cooler, buy a new diff, pay for labor to install the diff, pay for oil change on the diff. pay labor to install oil cooler. buy new exhaust pipes, pay labor to install exhaust. buy a DTML pump (CEL), fix all the wiring, pay labor for DTML pump install etc.

I never denied you offering me a financed S/C, free install and free tune load - Like i even said to you on the phone and at my house, i appreciate the offer and all the help and personal time that you invested in this - but I just wanted compensation for my time and my money. A S/C and a free load up tune and financing is not going to help me fix the previous mistakes. What if i was eying a brand new E92 M3 - would you of helped me finance that too at 0%? If so then I'm game! I just want you to see that the offer which you were giving me was not benefiting me at the moment, that's all.

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