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Originally Posted by 13blackknight View Post
That's really bad news for Kevin because the court route is a pain in the a$$. As for Bimmersport they will continue on, people will go or not go to them based on their own feelings about this thread and other positive or negative feedbacks they have recieved.
The loss is Kevin that has put his time and from the post below alot of $$$ money towards his personal expression of his car, and it still has all the issues and that is most frustrating part because you get to the point where you don't want to even look at the car anymore.
My personal feedback for Bimmersport is a BIG and if RMP is also sending people on the site to discredit Bimmersport I would give them a too. WOW 2 on the same post must be a record
It will be a loss for both parties. Someone from Bimmersport will have to go to court too and lose time that could have been spent to earn business for the company. Kevin paid already so Bimmersport is not motivated to return the money. If that was the other way around and Kevin hasn't paid, he wouldn't be motivated to pay until he's satisfied. It works both ways.

This is the best thing in this case since they cannot come to a mutual agreement.

If both parties value their time, they might be motivated to settle out of court. But sometimes you need to go to court to settle out of court. Strange but unless you do something, it will drag on.
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